DITECH signs a strategic capital investment agreement with Fashol.com

Dekko ISHO Technologies (DITECH) has signed a strategic capital investment agreement with Fashol.com, a B2B startup aiming to change the country’s centuries-old perishable food supply chain using technology, data and efficient logistics.

The signing ceremony took place on Saturday in the capital on the occasion of World Food Day in the presence of the director of the Dekko ISHO group, Prottoy Hossain; Fashol.com Founder and CEO Sakib Hossain, Co-Founder Mamunur Rashid and CTO Ashikur Rahman Ashik.

“The lack of food security is, unfortunately, one of the greatest global crises of our time. And Fashol.com has the potential to have an extremely positive impact in this area, nationally and hopefully. , world one day, ”said Prottoy.

“We are proud to be able to be a part and facilitate their efforts, and look forward to working together for a long time,” he added.

The key vision of Fashol.com is to create value for the Bangladesh ecosystem. It provides higher profit margins and on-time payments to farmers; home delivery, hygienic vegetables and fruits and hassle-free trading for retailers and also traceable and safe food for consumers, according to a press release.

Sakib said the agricultural sector is one of the main economic engines in the country and the whole ecosystem still functions the same way it did 150 years ago.

“We need to put more resources and talent in this industry to prepare this whole ecosystem for the next technological age. When I launched fashol.com, some of our customers laughed saying that no one would buy from us from this. way, today they can’t even think of running their business one day without Fashol. That’s the power of technology. “

Sakib added: “We were fortunate enough to partner with the Dekko ISHO group. It has helped us take a big step forward towards achieving our ultimate vision.

Fashol.com started its journey in 2020 and has distributed around 1.5 million kilograms of vegetables and fruits among retailers.