“Insecure” Costume Designer Shiona Turini Partners with Capital One to Make Black Travelers See the World Easier

Credit: Shiona Turini

For many of us, we used travel as personal care as soon as we could again.

A 2020 MMGY Global study found that black Americans spent about $ 109.4 billion on leisure travel, which represents about 13.1% of the US leisure travel market. It’s no surprise after the last few years we’ve had.

Shiona Turini can understand.

The busy freelance costume designer who is the visionary behind Insecure’s fiercest looks has not only traveled the world for work, but to recharge his batteries as well.

The Bermuda-born, Los Angeles-based fashionista has worked with artists like Beyoncé and Solange, and has dressed Queen & Slim stars among many others. Nothing, however, makes it leave like a trip to a new destination. She recently sat down with Essence to talk about her tips for getting the most out of travel, the best vacation spots to rejuvenate, and how her new partnership with Capital One is helping black travelers see the world.

Millennials have used travel as a form of personal care, especially as we’ve grown older and earned somewhat more discretionary income. How do you relate to travel today?

This is a truly incredible question.

Well, I’m not permanently based in LA and have to travel a lot for work. But I mostly travel to go home to see my family in Bermuda since the recent reopening of the borders. Spending nine months without being able to get on a plane and see my family really made me think a lot about my future and how I want to structure my life. The journey was such a rejuvenating space. Every time I complete a big project, I book a trip. And during the pandemic, I was just starting Insecure, so before I really got into the grueling process of filming, I planned a trip. I needed to prepare myself for success mentally and traveling was the way to achieve it.

You talked a bit about how your travels shape your work, especially for Insecure. I noticed that the whole evolution of the characters really showed in the way they dress. Were there any particular travel destinations that you drew inspiration from to help create the look as well?

Now that’s funny. In fact, the beach party episode showcased a lot of what I saw growing up in Bermuda. Someone on set asked, “Why does one of the characters have sneakers in the sand?” ” Well in Bermuda we swim on rocks so much that most of the men are still on the beach in sneakers. I wanted to walk through an element of my hometown in this episode.

I also like to take inspiration from fashion from different age groups when I travel – seeing an older woman in Italy is a fabulous thing because she always dresses to see movies or go to the market. Or when in New Orleans, seeing people on Sundays dressed for church, it’s amazing. I love it.

As a native of Bermuda, did you grow up traveling? I know I would never want to leave if I was born there.

Well, even though it is beautiful, you would want to leave because you would start to feel a bit stuck. I haven’t traveled overseas much, but I feel like my parents were really good at saving money for great family trips. I learned so much about travel from my mom. My mom didn’t have a lot of money, so she was really good at finding a good deal. We have always been the family that if the plane was like, can someone give up a seat and you will get a travel voucher, she would raise her hand. We were good at going on adventures even from short trips. New York, for example, was only a two hour flight from Bermuda. Or we were going to Florida which wasn’t very far from home but we made some of the best memories.

Why did you decide to partner with Capital One for their Venture X card?

When I became independent and started to consider partnering with brands, I was very intentional about who I aligned with. I wanted to know that I could grow with the business over time and I didn’t want it to be a “one and only” situation. Partnering with Capital One made sense as they care about their clients’ travel experience and as someone always on the move, I love the way they look out for us.

I also loved that with the Venture X Card you earn five times the miles on flights and hotels. It’s amazing and unlike anything I’ve experienced with other card companies.

Why is travel so important to you and why do you think it is essential that others see the world as well?

I think when you expose yourself to other cultures, communities and experiences, you grow a lot as a person and that helps you become a better version of yourself. To immerse yourself in these experiences and step out of your comfort zone is so precious. I think about who I was and how my life changed when I started to travel differently. I want everyone to take this trip.