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TORONTO, ONLabatt Breweries of Canada – a division of the multinational brewing company AB InBev – announced the details of the investment of “$ 461.5 million as part of its investment program focused on sustainability, innovation and production improvements that will have a significant impact on its breweries and operations across the country ”.

Investments and initiatives currently underway and planned across the country under the 2019-2022 Capital Program include:

  • Ontario: $ 145 million will be invested, of which $ 52.6 million will go directly to the London Brewery for major initiatives such as KeelClip ™ – a minimal fastening solution made from recyclable fiberboard to replace the use of rings, plastic lids and shrink films – and a new line of state-of-the-art tin cans that increases packaging flexibility and supports product innovation.
  • Quebec: $ 110 million will be invested, including $ 43.7 million directly in the Montreal brewery for major projects such as KeelClip ™ and the installation of a new fermentation tank to increase brewing capacity.
  • British Columbia: $ 38 million will be invested, of which $ 4.6 million will go directly to the expansion and modernization of the warehouse at Creston Brewery and $ 2.9 million to improve brewing at the Turning Point Brewery in Vancouver.
  • New Scotland: $ 25.2 million will be invested, of which $ 11 million will go directly to the Oland Brewery in Halifax for equipment and process improvements, including a new state-of-the-art pasteurizer, unique in North America.
  • Newfoundland: $ 9.9 million will be invested, of which $ 2.8 million will go directly to the St. John’s Brewery for two new modular boilers that are up to 80% more efficient, as well as other upgrades and improvements.
  • Alberta: $ 119 million will be invested, including $ 69 million directly into the Edmonton brewery for new equipment, technology and upgrades, new warehouse space and a 30,000 ready-to-drink building square footage to support the increased type and capacity of brewing, all of which will result in job creation.

For more details, see the full press release.

Source and photo: Labatt Breweries of Canada

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