Launch Servicing and Turnstile Capital Management achieve record growth ahead of move to new operations center in Sioux Falls, SD

SIOUX FALLS, SD, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Launch Servicing and Turnstile Capital Management (TCM), the loan servicing and collections divisions of Goal Solutions, are expanding into new offices to accommodate recent and future business growth.

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Over the past year, Goal Solutions has experienced record growth across all of its businesses. The company, along with its Launch Servicing and Turnstile Capital Management (TCM) divisions, has steadily expanded its services and customers across various asset classes, including residential solar, home improvement, personal loans, credit, student loans, retail contracts, optional medical claims. and more. In addition to Launch’s growth, Goal has expanded its in-house collection and recovery activities within its Turnstile Capital Management (TCM) subsidiary.

Matt Myerspresident, said “We are very proud of the accomplishments of our team who work tirelessly with our customer partners to deliver an exceptional experience in the areas of technology, customer support and data science. In this operations center expanded, our old and new team members can work collaboratively, staying focused on helping our clients enter new markets, launch new products, grow market share and optimize the performance of their portfolios. “

“Launch and TCM are proud to bring new investment, jobs and opportunity to Sioux Falls and to significantly deepen our partnership with the city. This new 43,000 square foot facility provides our team with the space and amenities needed to continue to be one of the best places to work in the Sioux Falls market.” said Paul Dockry, Senior Vice President of Launch. “Our new location provides an efficient collaboration space enabling a great working environment for current and future team members, ensuring our ability to grow effectively.”

About Launch Service
Launch works with some of the largest and most prestigious lenders in the world. The company was created to help simplify the service process for borrowers and is dedicated to providing the latest technology so that borrowers can easily navigate the loan repayment process. Launch delivers an exceptional borrower experience through proprietary technology, asset class-specific customization, data science and industry experience.

About Turnstile Capital Management
TCM provides a powerful and efficient in-house agency management model for asset and receivables recovery. TCM relies on an in-house recovery group and an extensive network of third parties to consistently outperform other market competitors. TCM has about $7 billion of assets under management and continuously analyzes data and creates custom models to optimize collection strategies so that more borrowers can find a path to successful repayment and customer collections can be maximized.

About Goal Solutions
Since 2010, Goal Solutions has relied on data analytics, industry expertise and proprietary technology to deliver comprehensive asset management and loan servicing solutions, specializing in; residential solar, home improvement, personal and student finance programs. Goal provides customized solutions for each client, with innovative capabilities that support the entire asset management lifecycle. The company attributes its success to the commitment of its employees and the exceptional work ethic that has created an environment where each employee has the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential while emphasizing social responsibility within from the community.

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