Mastercard (MA) invests in Zeta

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Mastercard invests in Zeta.

Zeta, a banking technology unicorn and next-generation credit card processing provider for banks and fintechs, and Mastercard (NYSE: MA) today announced a 5-year global partnership. Under the agreement, the companies will jointly go to market to launch credit cards with issuers around the world on Zeta’s modern, cloud-native, fully API-ready credit processing stack. Mastercard underscored the partnership by making a financial investment in Zeta.

“With Zeta’s next-generation credit card processing platform, we are fundamentally rewiring the way issuers launch credit card programs by delivering new paradigms over legacy mainframe systems,” said Bhavin Turakhia. , co-founder and CEO of Zeta. “Among other benefits, our stack enables issuers to increase the loan portfolio by dialing contextual upsells using our extensive APIs and SDKs; reduce costs through SaaS pay-as-you-go billing; improve satisfaction customers by launching rich self-service experiences for cardholders; and launching and iterating faster with our infinitely scalable, cloud-native deployment. At Mastercard, we have a partner who is committed to embarking on this journey with us and who truly believes in this mission.

With the backing of Mastercard and the integration of its capabilities in digital issuance, fraud and risk, loyalty solutions and more, Zeta aims to move the credit card processing industry from Age of fragmented, multi-vendor systems Into the age of agile, composable, single vendor systems that truly respond to cardholders’ changing needs and preferences. With both partners pre-configuring key features behind the scenes, issuers will now be able to launch cards much faster, making it easier than ever to quickly design and launch flexible and highly customizable card programs.

“As people shop and bank online more than ever, Mastercard is partnering with Zeta to provide issuing banks and fintech innovators with modern, large-scale credit card processing capabilities that will maximize security. , security and convenience of e-commerce, online banking and contactless transaction.By deploying Zeta’s credit processing stack, issuers will have the opportunity to expand their user base, increase their usage and enter new geographic markets, while accelerating the cashless revolution around the world,” said Sandeep Malhotra, Executive Vice President, Products and Innovation, Asia Pacific, Mastercard.

Zeta Tachyon Credit is the industry’s only modern credit processing stack that offers an integrated credit and loan processing platform. The stack offers functionality that spans the entire credit card program lifecycle, including issuance, core, payments, BNPL loans, fraud and risk, rewards, and more. Using Zeta’s comprehensive APIs, issuers can quickly create new revenue streams as BIN/balance sponsors by providing full bank credit as a service (BaaS) and an embeddable banking platform to co- brands, fintechs and affinity partners. Additionally, Zeta offers a full suite of managed services to its customers, which includes maintenance and collection, among others.

The collaboration between the two companies began in 2018 in Asia-Pacific when Zeta joined Start Path, Mastercard’s global startup engagement program, and continues to grow with Zeta recently joining the partner network. Mastercard Developers, Engage. Through Engage, Zeta will have access to the Mastercard network to pre-integrate or bundle products and services, including Mastercard’s Digital First and Fintech Express programs. The programs will seek to provide instant KYC and verification to customers, issuance, provisioning and use of instant digital cards.