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July 18, 2019 0 Comments

Click Here for direct payday loans only

If you search for direct payday loans, we find an offer that is intended to help you, just look at this site.

When looking for a loan or a cash loan, we can take advantage of the offer that we choose ourselves, and it can also use the services of a company that specifically chooses for us the most advantageous offer. When does this kind of counselor help work best? Then, when we can not decide on a specific proposal, when we have a problem with obtaining additional cash by bank or we do not yet have a credit history. And as it is known in this case, not every bank burns to give us credit.

I will immediately point out that all the loan offers with an adviser are free. We do not incur any additional fees related to the advisor service. If the offer presented does not meet our expectations, we can reject it without any obligations or ask for a different offer.


At first glance, an adviser who can help us find a specific cash loan offer in the bank.

With the help of the loan offer with the Schneider advisor, we have the possibility of obtaining a cash loan for any purpose. Without guarantors and with a quick initial decision. What is important, to get acquainted with the offer in the initial application, we do not have to provide a lot of data from the ID card, because it is enough to provide our contact details. After familiarizing with our needs and customer profile, the institution will help us in choosing an individual offer of a bank loan. We have a choice between small amounts of loans and those exceeding amounts above PLN 100,000, which can be available to us as long as our creditworthiness allows.

Ballard LOAN

This offer may be of interest to those seeking a non-bank loan, mainly in a situation where for various reasons their application for a bank loan has been rejected. Equally well from the offer can also benefit people who due to their low age cannot get the cash they need. Be also their income does not allow you to take advantage of the cash loan offer.

The proposal for the Ballard Loan includes only non-bank loans, both with short and long repayment periods. So they can be small amounts from 100, 500 or 1000 PLN for large loans amounting to 10 or 20 thousand PLN. However, as I have already mentioned in the blog, these higher amounts in the case of non-bank loans will always involve very high costs. It is worth remembering when deciding on such an offer. This offer is available to people aged 18 and over who have an ID card and an active bank account.

Walz NOW

As the name suggests, in this case, we can get help in obtaining a payday. A specific offer of such a loan will be prepared for us as soon as the company gets acquainted with our data and the amount of the loan we are looking for. As part of the loan offer with an adviser, we have the opportunity to take advantage of the first minute without any fees. Provided that the offer of the company that has been presented to us has just such a promotion and we have never used the company’s services before.

The Walz offer is now available for people from 18 years of age who have an active bank account and a mobile phone.