Prescience Point Capital Management asks the MiMedx Group to immediately publish the preliminary results of the vote of its annual meeting

“We find it extremely suspicious that, although MiMedx stated during the annual meeting proceedings that nominees for directors Phyllis Gardner and James Bierman were re-elected, the Company did not take the usual step of promptly disseminating the preliminary results of the vote to all shareholders.”

“In the interest of full transparency, we are calling on MiMedx to immediately release the preliminary results of the annual meeting vote, so that the public can see if the board and management have lost the confidence of shareholders in the society.”

“We believe that MiMedx is delaying the release of the preliminary vote tally as these results will reveal widespread shareholder dissatisfaction. Based on our discussions with shareholders following the annual meeting, we believe that the vote count will show that a majority of shares held by unaffiliated and non-institutional shareholders were voted VERSUS nominees for the positions of incumbent directors of the Company, and VERSUS the “say-on-pay” proposal based on the compensation of the company’s executives.”

“If, as we believe, the unaffiliated portion of MiMedx’s shareholding is truly unified in their dissatisfaction with the status quo, we hope this will be the catalyst for the board and management to start leveraging MiMedx in the best interest of ALL shareholders, and put the Company on a more positive and constructive path.”


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