Texas Capital Bank Review: A Regional Commercial Bank That Also Offers Personal Bank Accounts

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Quick take: Texas Capital Bank offers one-stop banking services for customers due to its variety of offerings. It offers products for personal banking, business needs and wealth management. Its CDs are particularly noteworthy, ranking 20th on the GOBankingRates list of best CD accounts. The following Texas Capital Bank review breaks down the bank’s products and services.
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  • Digital bank
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How did we calculate this?


  • Customers living in Texas and New York have access to branches
  • Offers a variety of deposit and CD accounts
  • Provides ATM access through the Allpoint network

The inconvenients

  • Does not offer in-person banking services for customers outside of Texas and New York
  • Outgoing bank transfer fees can be steep, costing between $35 and $75

About Texas Capital Bank

Texas Capital Bank was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Dallas. The Bank of Texas has branches in the five largest cities in the state as well as a branch in New York. He has $35 billion in assets and cites commercial banking and private wealth advice as his areas of expertise.

Texas Capital offers a variety of deposit accounts and certificates of deposit to its banking customers. The bank is known for its convenience and dedication to customer service, which is why it is consistently recognized as one of the best banks in the United States by Forbes.

Texas Capital Bank Products

Take a closer look at what the bank offers for personal account holders.

Verify Accounts

There are four checking accounts available at Texas Capital Bank, all with a minimum opening balance of $100. If you open a basic Smart Checking account with Texas Capital, you won’t have to worry about monthly maintenance fees. Capital Checking has the same functionality as Smart Checking but requires you to maintain a daily balance of $750 or a monthly average of $1,500 or you will incur a monthly maintenance fee of $10.

Capital Interest and Premier Interest checking accounts pay interest from 0.03% to 0.05% APY and offer several perks, including free personalized checks, but they have a hard-to-write-off monthly service fee of $12 or $25. $. Capital Interest account holders must maintain a daily balance of $1,500 while the amount is $25,000 for Premier Interest verification to avoid monthly service charges.

Savings accounts

The Texas Capital Consumer Savings Account provides the basics. You won’t get a high interest rate, but you’ll only need $100 to open the account and start saving. The bank also offers a free minor savings account to help young people save.

Make sure to maintain a minimum daily balance of $500 in the savings account or you will be charged a monthly maintenance fee of $5. Before creating an account, make sure you plan to make more deposits than withdrawals. Texas Capital limits savings account holders to two withdrawals per month or six per quarter. Otherwise, you will be charged an excessive $2 withdrawal fee per additional transaction.

Money market accounts

You only need $100 to open a money market account with Texas Capital, making it a good option for the average consumer. The money market account is Texas Capital’s basic account. It comes with fees like a monthly service charge of $12 if you don’t maintain at least a daily balance of $2,500.

To save on service fees, opt for the Premier Money Market account and link it to your Premier Interest checking account to avoid monthly maintenance fees. You’ll still need to keep a high balance in the checking account to avoid monthly service charges, so it’s best for people with higher balances.

Money market accounts can be flexible and Texas Capital accounts earn between 0.05% and 0.15% APY (based on balance). You can make withdrawals or pay an occasional bill. However, federal regulations limit accounts to only six withdrawals per month. The good news is that Texas Capital allows unlimited in-person withdrawals.


Texas Capital Bank offers a variety of CDs with term limits ranging from 30 days to five years. You will need a minimum balance of $1,000 to open a new CD. Part of the reason Bank CDs made the latest GOBankingRates Best CDs list is the number of terms available and the APY range of 0.10% to 0.30%, which is relatively generous.

Best Features

There are several reasons why the small regional bank scores well in this Texas Capital Bank review. The availability of low-cost accounts is an important selling feature. Also, CDs from the bank are worth considering. Texas Capital Bank makes banking with one financial institution for all your needs achievable. Plus, you can do your banking using the online and mobile app, both of which are robust enough to handle most of the day-to-day banking tasks people do.

Editor’s Favorite

The Smart Checking account offers unlimited transactions and no monthly service fees. This is an excellent entry point into a banking relationship with Texas Capital Bank.

Banking experience

Texas Capital offers a full-service banking experience. If you live in Texas, you can access the bank’s branches, and there is one in New York. And all customers have convenient access to Allpoint ATMs nationwide.

Customer service

Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST. Otherwise, the automated telephone service operates 24 hours a day at 877-839-2265.

Digital experience

It’s easy to manage your accounts with Texas Capital’s online banking options and mobile app. You can use these features to pay your bills, set up account notifications, initiate bank transfers, find a nearby ATM, and more. All personal checking and savings account customers can sign up for free online banking and the mobile app.

The mobile app is available for Android on Google Play, where it received four out of five stars. It doesn’t get such a great review in the App Store, where it only has 2.6 stars.

How to open an account

To open an account at Texas Capital Bank, you can visit any of the bank’s branches. You can also contact customer service for more information on how to get started. There is no online opening option.


Texas Capital Bank charges certain fees, including monthly maintenance fees on some of its accounts, but you can waive these fees by maintaining the minimum required monthly balance. Here are some other fees you may need to pay.

Type Quantity
Monthly maintenance Varies by account
Bank checks $10
Insufficient funds $45
Bank transfer
  • Domestic: $35 outgoing (online), $60 outgoing (manual)
  • International: $35 outgoing (online), $75 outgoing (manual)

Texas Capital Bank versus its competitors

When choosing a bank, it is always helpful to weigh the products of one financial institution against those of another..

Bank Best for
Texas Capital Bank Wide variety of banking options
Allied bank No Fee Interest Chequing Account
Wells Fargo Bank Low minimum opening balance requirements
BBVA Cash Back on Free Visa Debit Card

Texas Capital Bank vs. Ally Bank

Ally offers an interest checking account that charges no fees. Unlike Ally, Texas Capital has branches and offers a wider variety of banking options.

Texas Capital Bank vs. Wells Fargo

You only need $25 to open a checking account at Wells Fargo, and the bank provides 24/7 customer support. Texas Capital does not charge monthly maintenance fees on its basic Smart Checking account.

Texas Capital Bank v BBVA

BBVA also offers free verification. But Texas Capital pays a higher interest rate of up to 0.15% on its money market accounts.

Final take

Texas Capital is a good choice for anyone looking for flexible banking options. It is strongest at both ends of the financial spectrum – no-fee, low-balance accounts or premium accounts with high balance requirements. And if you live in Texas or New York, you can take advantage of the bank’s in-person branches.

Texas Capital Bank FAQs

The following questions are frequently asked about Texas Capital Bank.

  • What is Texas Capital Bank?
    • Texas Capital Bank is a business-oriented bank that also offers personal bank accounts. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, with branches throughout the state and one in New York.
  • Does Texas Capital Bank offer personal bank accounts?
    • Although Texas Capital Bank is well known for its commercial banking and lending, it also offers personal banking and wealth management services. You will find personal checking, savings, money market and CD accounts.
  • Are there Texas Capital Bank mortgages?
    • Texas Capital Bank offers personal and business loans for the purchase of property. However, the bank recently sold its lending division.
  • Who bought Texas Capital Bank?
    • Last I heard, Ocwen is buying Texas Capital Bank’s lending business (which includes servicing loans). It is one of the institution’s most popular categories, with a volume of approximately $2.4 billion in the last quarter of 2020..

Cynthia Bowman contributed reporting for this article.

Rates are subject to change. Account information is accurate as of January 12, 2022.

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