Why I like the Capital One Venture Rewards card

Cover your bases. Don’t complicate your life. Be ready. I don’t know where or how these lessons were drilled into my head, but they were.

So when I started looking at rewards credit cards, I focused on a card that would do a lot more than just allow me to charge a fee. This was to be advantageous in many circumstances, especially for rewards and travel. Therefore, the Capital One Venture Rewards credit card was at the top of my list. I have been a card holder for seven years now. Here’s a rundown of the benefits of this card and why I’m keeping it active and ready.

Lump sum rewards

Figuring out which expense categories will generate the most rewards isn’t something I enjoy, so I was drawn to the simplicity of earning 2X unlimited miles on all purchases. For this reason, I use my Capital One Venture for most large purchases over $ 100, whether it’s to upgrade a phone, buy clothes, or go holiday shopping. If I charge $ 1,500 per month, I know Capital One will deposit 3000 miles into my rewards bank. It’s a simple calculation.

The only exception to the opportunity to earn 2 miles per dollar is a positive exception, and it’s an equally easy reward to earn. When I book hotel rooms using Capital One Travel with my Venture Rewards card, I get 5X miles for every dollar spent. It’s a huge incentive to use this card for the holidays. Signing up for a $ 1,000 hotel bill isn’t fun, but at least I know I’ll earn 5,000 miles, worth $ 50 in travel, by doing it.

Fun to watch the miles add up

I like being able to see exactly how many miles I am earning for each charge. I just log into the website and go to the “earn activity” section of my account.

For example, this month my mom was in town and I took her out for a fancy meal. This bill was for $ 188.44 and earned me 377 miles. I splurged on two pairs of sunglasses for $ 145.39 which earned me 291 miles. It’s like checking the progress of a savings account.

With regular activity, the kilometers add up quickly. Like almost everyone, I was homebound for most of 2020 and the start of this year. I just reviewed my mileage balance, and almost 50,000 miles are in my account. It’s pretty much a $ 500 round trip ticket to anywhere in the world. With so many travel rewards, I just have to decide where to go!

Flexible flights

The Capital One Venture gives me the ability to use my miles to travel freely. As it is not affiliated with a particular airline, I can book with the airline that offers the best flight.

It pairs well with my Chase United® Explorer Card, which I use for all purchases from this airline. While United is great, sometimes the best flights and fares are on an airline that I can only fly with once or twice. I recently used my Capital One Venture for a trip to Thailand on Singapore Airlines, which (as much as I wish it was) is not a common occurrence for me. This card guarantees options.

Travel benefits and protections

When I am overseas, I usually use my Capital One Venture not only for accommodation, but also for activities, meals, and shopping, as there are no overseas transaction fees. . These fees are often 3% of the cost, so a vacation where I could spend $ 4,000 can cost $ 120 more.

I have a particularly high credit limit on my Capital One Venture card, and it saved my teenage daughter’s life. A few years ago, I took her to the Dominican Republic. She suddenly fell very seriously ill on a remote island in the middle of the trip. I rushed her to the local hospital, but before they admitted it, I had to post a $ 1,000 bond. The final bill was well over $ 5,000. Even though I had so much money available in my checking account, credit cards are the best tool to use because they are built into consumer protection.

Plus, this Capital One credit card comes with Eno, Capital One’s fraud monitoring program. Being outside the US and billing so much was scary, but I knew my account was protected, allowing me to focus on the important task of helping my daughter recover.

At the end of the day, with an annual fee of $ 95 (waived the first year), my Capital One Venture Rewards card is a steal. Glad to have it!

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